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Anthea Smith

When a crisis occurs in your life you take steps to preserve your own sanity and inner happiness. When my husband was diagnosed with kidney failure, I took the step and joined the Art Group. We were a mixed bunch. Some had great talent, others, like me, a lot of interest and enthusiasm. Our tutor drew out in each of us something of ourselves which we could communicate in many different ways. It gave me a confidence I did not know I possessed and for only two hours a week I was in another world: aware only of my desire to improve and, for a time free from anxiety.

The encouragement I was given helped me to improve and develop as well as sharing the successes of others. One day I hope to produce a masterpiece that will say all this visually!

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Jo Hume

Teaching art has been a constant source of delight to me and I never cease to wonder at the differences and potential in each of us. Working with Felton Art Club has been especially good fun as we gossip and make and have a thoroughly self indulgent time. My art making comes from life experiences but I’m visually inspired by qualities of light and colour in wild land and seascapes and the seasonal changes in my garden. What happens on the canvas is a journey of exploration where inner meaning and outer reality come together through symbolism and the interplay of aesthetic elements.


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Judi Rutherford

I grew up in the North East before moving to the South West, then Scotland and finally returning to Northumberland in 2012. A formal introduction to painting in watercolours soon grew to an exploration of acrylics and a chance to find abstract ways of expressing my love and fascination for the wild Northumberland coaastlines. Many of my paintings are taken from sketches and photographs I take when out and about. I am a keen gardener and will paint flowers from time to time. I have exhibited successfully in Scotland and Northern England.

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Susie Lawson

I started painting as a hobby after I retired. My medium is oil and I usually paint Northumbrian landscapes and seascapes but I also like painting animals. I often paint animals on small wooden blocks.I am amazed at the number of painting I have sold but my main reason for painting is purely for pleasure.

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Louise Freeman

I have always wanted to learn to ‘do art’ and came to art group after benefiting greatly from art therapy.  I am most interested in the expression of emotion in art and particularly enjoy drawing.  I use a variety of media except watercolours.  My favourite artists are Tracey Emin & Gerhard Richter but I have also recently very much enjoyed exhibitions by Peter Doig, Daumier and Louise Bourgeois.   

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Art Group Activities

Some of the events and visits of the Group

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Carmen Gordon

I started painting having not picked up a paintbrush since my teenage years. It was something I had enjoyed but became eclipsed whilst working with the natural world and helping others. Now my inspiration comes from being outside in wild places and playing with making marks that satisfy something inside. Combining these two things is my continuing challenge...

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Nel Hume

I am a young artist living in North Yorkshire. I have a very abstract style and I am inspired by the landscape in the Yorkshire dales and the Northumberland coast. I like to work in a free and loose way using colour and shape to express feelings and atmosphere. The majority of my paintings are in acrylic but I like to experiment with mixed media. I get a lot of pleasure out of painting and find the creative process very therapeutic. 

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Michael Toole

I have been interested in art and apinting on and off for most of my life. Finding time to do it has always been a problem. But since joining Felton Art Group it has given me some discipline to pursue it again. My interests started using oil, then acrylic and then watercolour, until working my way back through acrylic and now back to oil. I always feel quite relaxed when painting.

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Angela White

I have always been happiest when making a mess. Art for me, in my younger days, was a legitimate way for me to make a mess and not be told off by Mum or Dad. But as I grew older I realised I really did enjoy mark-making and creating an image or sculpture out of fairly random material. Out of this experimentation grew a love for ceramics, which I carried over into a university degree. At the moment I am exploring oil painting which I have found an absolute love for. I am fascinated by the influence of light and I am exploring the best way to portray that in an image. I still however struggle to hit the canvas.

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