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Find out about local art and craft events, art exhibitions in Northumberland, other Northumbrian artists and crafts people. We will also be sticking up things to inspire, interest and discuss.


Art Group on hold

Wednesday 18th March, 2020

Sadly, and unavoidably, we suspended our weekly sessions. We will re-convene when COVID-19 advice changes for the better. Hopefully you are keeping your art alive in your garret/shed/spare room etc and have joined in the Virtual Sharing Option through WhatsApp which is now up and running, keeping us in touch with each other and sustaining a sens...


Tony Simpson's Gallery

Thursday 26th March, 2020

Tony has updated his gallery on the site. Check out his recent super-realistic paintings! If it inspires you to refresh your own gallery, let Dave know....


Three months on

Sunday 14th June, 2020

Its hard to believe that its 3 months since the Art Group went into its own lockdown. The WhatsApp group has been variously hilarious, creative, inspiring and reflective - "mutually supportive" probably describes it best. However, not all members of the Group are party to it, not everyone is into WhatsApp and other digital media, so its hard to ...


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