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Finding Meaning - Online Exhibition

Monday 1st February, 2021


Our planned physical exhibition at Bailiffgate Museum could not take place, BUT the Museum has created a virtual exhibition. Our contributors were limited to 4 pieces each, so here is a whistlestop slideshow of the extra work. Sales enquiries for these via the contact form below. You might want to go full screen - click the icon in the bottom right of the video below (or just press the "f" key on your keyboard). And turn on your speakers!


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We welcome anyone who wants to learn something new and discover the pleasure of art making and finding their own creative voice.

The group caters for absolute beginners to experienced old hands. Whatever your interest - oil, acrylic, drawing, graphic, print work, digital art or water colour, the sessions are tailor made to suit your needs.

Most of all we are there to enjoy ourselves, to learn, experiment, play and let our creativity flow in whatever way that may be.


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